HEMMERLEINHALLE - Former backstage wall with unknown autographs/signatures

Long time ago - 1988 - Franconias "famous" concert hall "HEMMERLEINHALLE" in Neunkirchen/Brand Bavaria finally closed its doors for all rock and metal fans. Nearly EVERYBODY performed in this "holy building".

It started all in 1977 with Manfred Mann´s Earth Band. Later ZZ Top, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Frank Zappa, Metallica (with their first German show ever!), Van Halen, Black Sabbath, Scorpions, Judas Priest, Motörhead ...etc.

After this era the building was a tennis center for many years - nowadays it´s a stock room for wholesale. 

BUT: Since many years there are rumours about a still existing "secret" room in the Hemmerleinhalle (in the former backstage area) with autographs on the walls from artists/musicians performed here in the 80ies. 

So I was really happy that someone from HOTEL SELAU - which was in close collaboration with the HEMMERLEINHALLE (btw: Hotel Selau reopened in 2009) - provided me an insight to the last remaining "secrets" of this building.

And really: there is still a room and its one wall is over and over covered with signatures, drawings, autographs, verses etc.

But no one can give an answer WHO did that: The artists and/or the fans or the groupies or or or or.... let´s go BACK INTO TIME 8-)


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Hemmerleinhalle - Backstage wall